Word from the Editor


A catalyst is by definition an ‘agent of change’. It manages to transform a situation without being affected itself. This is the philosophy that drives the young journalists who write this blog. Our aim is to infiltrate your cerebrum with objective, inspiring, world-dominating ‘information grenades’. Our mission – and we chose to accept it – is to deploy an army of journalists equipped with weapons of mass destruction to reconstruct the way you see your world.

We occupy a domain where politicians are the centre of controversy and civilians are the ones under attack. Our journalistic armada has stepped up to analyse the issues that dominate your conversations.

As these agents of radical change launch into word-action, we see that the US government and the CIA are doing some launching of their own. With Reapers and Predators at their disposal, the Drone controversy remains ‘shrouded in secrecy’. The US seems to be indulging in secrets as the NSA’s paranoia has turned into major stalker tendencies. Another secret that is waiting to be exposed is whether the Syrian government is responsible for the chemical attack that shattered its society, though that remains for the UN to decide…

A little closer to home, our troops gathered intelligence about corrupt South African politicians dabbling in unsavoury sexual acts while the President hides the ‘Spy Tapes’ like he is harbouring a ‘Kenyan fugitive’. Though the media has definitely been in the business of skinning these prominent men, the issue of men being de-skinned has caused a stir in Xhosa initiation rites.

Our squadron of journalists have gone to battle with words at hand, while Western Cape residents have started a new kind of battle. ‘World War Poo’ has seen the use of new defence tactics that combat poor service delivery and inadequate local governance. But despite the lack of faith our people have in the government, messiah Julius Malema has told ANC and DA to EFF off!

We have also seen the slow Chinese invasion of our textile industry and Marikana being relived through the Farlam Commission, although the most bizarre invasion has to be the theory of Birtherism put forth by the Tea-Baggers… oops, I meant to say ‘Tea Party’.

But every General knows that rallying your armed forces and having them ready for battle is harder than achieving peace in the Middle East. When dealing with soldiers who are at the verge of a mutiny, you have to quote Juju and scream ‘EFF off’!

And late at night when the dust dies down and corpses are strewn across the floor, you appreciate the few who diligently kick ass beside you. When we look upon the victory that is Catalyst, there’s just one thing left to say…

The war is ours.

-Aubrena Armstrong


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