Acrophobia takes car enthusiasts to a new high


Photographer: Chevonne Booysen

Photographer: Chevonne Booysen

Shiny rims, deafening-sound systems and squeaky-clean cars were the order of the day at the annual gathering of car enthusiasts and doubling the event up as a school fundraiser at Belhar High School.

A sunny day greeted these individuals after a week of rain and unpredictable weather. The car guards (read: gods) must have been smiling on this event arranged by the car club, Acrophobia.

As their name suggests, this club has taken the ‘Cape Car Culture’ by storm which brings together cars that are unusually low. Sitting on such lowered suspensions, it amazed many of those who attended the event. The uneven grass and sand patched school field proved to be quite a challenge for many lowered cars as they manoeuvred their way around, careful not to do damage to the already floor-scraping ‘lips’ of the cars.

The day consisted of competitions such as the show and shine category. This category concentrates just on how the car is most visually appealing to others bringing in elements of customised parts on the car. Other measures of criteria included: the paint colour that was chosen for the car and all the attention that was given to minor details of the vehicle.

Photographer: Chevonne Booysen

Photographer: Chevonne Booysen

Then there was also the sound off competition. This must have been the most popular event of the day. Vehicles stood in long queues to show off their sound systems ability to deafen you for many minutes after sitting in any of these cars. Decibel ranges left many ears ringing who were in close range of these competitors.

A car wash was also hosted and this obviously attracted all the (right?) kinds of attention with skimpily-dressed ladies, hosing down the cars with more than enough foam to play around with. Models also paraded among the cars, posing for photo opportunities with cars (and excited car owners).

The event turned out to be quite successful judging by the turn out on the day filling out the school field to the brim with many other car clubs coming in throng to show their support for this school fundraiser.

Chevonne Booysen


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