Appreciating the value of woman

American singer Beyoncé Knowles says, “Women are strong enough to bear children then get back to business.” Fierce women of 1956 said that if you strike a woman you strike a rock. Therefore meaning the strength of a woman can be compared to that of a rock.

The strength of a rock comes from within, the beauty of a rock comes from within the depth of its soul and it shines brighter than the morning sun. It is with this strength that I rise and lift my head up to the sky and say “I am woman”, it is this beauty that gives me the confidence to shine amongst others, to believe in myself and all my dreams. I am woman. I am the rock that will forever hold my family together, keeping strong winds at bay. I am the rock that will forever stand strong when man says I am weak and therefore inferior. I am the rock that will forever shine bright and my light will never fade. I am woman and I know my worth.

It is my dream that every young woman would know and realize their worth.  What I find to be sad though is the wide economical emancipation, education and social gap in and amongst women. This leads me to believe that maybe the problem is not that women don’t know their worth but circumstances have dehumanized them so much that they no longer value their own worth.

One day as I stood in line at an ATM, I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on two young women. As they revel in the prospect of having more children so that they can get more child support grant, I could not help but wonder if that was indeed all they believed they were worth. While I may in a sense understand their plight of high unemployment, I was shocked to realize that the young women of today have reduced themselves to “baby producing factories”. They had given up on themselves. It was sad. Young women need to reclaim their worth, fly the flag high for all to see that I am woman. You are the pearl that rises from ashes and shines; you are unbreakable and will forever be unbeaten.

Women appreciation month should be every month, women are the backbone of every family and without women this world would come to an end.

Asanda Sokanyile


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