‘Heritage sme-ritage’

Our nation with it’s kaleidoscope of cultures and traditions, engulf our society and communities with an array of colours. These melting pots of ethnicities and customs are somewhat of a patriotic stamp set agaisnt the back drop of our controversial past. The property of our identity inherited from countless generations before us, has in some way or form shaped who and what we are today.

Source: marieclairvoyant.com

Source: marieclairvoyant.com

Times have changed and our society has sustained  major transformation. Technology has set us apart from the rest, and so our world view has taken a shift, changing the way we lead our lives.

Our century is ruled by technology and we have no choice but to relish in it. We have the freedom to lead different lifestyles as our personalities dictate and countless opportunities available to us.

Many people are  in favour of progress and change but some fear that it would cost us our identity.  Trends have a tendency to consume our lives to the point where there is no room for our heritage. Is this a price that we should be willing to pay?

Heritage Day has come and gone, South Africans rush to social media to share their experience and messages about the festivities. Dubbed as ‘National Braai Day’, most people were in favour of the public holiday wishing everyone a happy Heritage Day and to make the most of it. People have lost their sense of self and have become “followers”, we have allowed our identities to fade into the background.  Are we really leading lives of lies? Has our heritage lost its significance?   There was a small number of people showing their disdain for the day’s festivities, and, they made their opinions heard. One post on the Facebook social media site resonated with me in particular.

“U r busy celebrating “Braai Day” yet u dont know ur Heritage. Ur mind is filled with influences from other cultures. U get proud wen u hear ur child/sibling/relative speak fluent english yet she/he cant say a single sentence in his/her home language.”

Dylan Oktober


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