Motor Show to sweep SA off its feet

It’s that time of the year again for motoring enthusiasts across the country. The Johannesburg International Motor Show (JIMS) kicks off with a bang later next month and petrol-heads can expect some innovative and refreshing models from all the manufacturers in the business.

The public can expect the same set up that was seen at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show at JIMS this year. This year’s Frankfurt Motor Show theme was ‘green’ and many, if not all the big name manufacturers showcased designs that could come into production in the future.

The last JIMS show (in 2011) produced a lot of excitement for the public – Mercedes-Benz had its jaw dropping SLS convertible finished in a matt, almost gold-like, champagne colour which had spectators queuing for a glimpse. Lexus had two of its highly awaited models – the Lexus LFA and the CT Hybrid. Other German marques, like Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche and Opel also impressed with new designs, face lifted models and upgraded models.

Nissan had the latest model of its GT-R on show which attracted a lot of attention from all age groups. The most impressive stand had to be the McLaren stand which showcased a deconstructed version of its latest McLaren MP4-12c and one of its race-winning Formula 1 cars.

Outside, folks were treated to a figure-eight drifting course, stunt jumpers and probably the most exciting of the outdoor activities: a man-made off-road 4X4 track. I spent almost all my time ogling at all the different 4X4 models navigating up and down 90 degree declines and inclines, 45 degree negative articulated side bends combined with muddy pits on the brink of becoming sludge.

I am almost certain that this year’s show will provide a lot more for the public to sample and feast their eyes on. JIMS kicks off on 18-27 October 2013. Get your tickets now – you will be very sorry if you don’t.

Marcel Trout


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