Movie: Identity Thief

Director: Seth Gordon

Jason Bateman playing the role of Sandy Bigelow Paterson, is an average family guy who lives in Denver. He has a loving wife, two beautiful daughters and a third little one on the way. He is pennywise and just like everyone else, trying to strive for success in the work place, and move up the corporate ladder, all while dealing with a crappy boss.

An opportunity arises when he is able to go and work for a newly-created firm as an account rep, earning thrice the amount he earns at his current job. Things finally seem to be going well for him and then… suddenly his life takes a whole new direction.

He ends up being the latest victim of a seemingly harmless woman, played by the ever so funny Melissa McCarthy, who has mastered the art of identity theft. This puts his job and reputation on the line, forcing him to take a road trip to hunt down this woman who now has an all-access pass to his life. The only catch is, he needs to do this within a deadline of only seven days.

This trip takes the two of them on a whirl-wind of events that turns his life upside down, as they discover that he is not the only one on the hunt for her. McCarthy’s character is one that is quite dramatic and able to persuade anyone into giving her exactly what she wants. She comes off as slightly obnoxious and annoying to Jason’s character and this leads to countless humorous events between the two that will leave you with endless tears of laughter.

This film displays how bad events, a rough introduction and two completely different people can learn to appreciate each other and even become great friends. Best of all, Sandy gives McCarthy’s character something she’s wanted all her life…

I think this film was fairly interesting and enlightening. It would have done far better if it had more humorous moments. I would give this movie a 3/5 rating. Otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed it and it has a beautiful and heart-felt ending. It is definitely one for the ladies but will also be very entertaining for men.

Firdous Hendricks


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