N2 Gateway Housing Project on a standstill

An N2 Gateway Housing Project construction in Crossroads, Boys Town is on a standstill due to dissatisfaction among residents in the area.

The construction has been at a standstill since the beginning of the year and at this stage it’s not clear when it will resume.

Some shack dwellers, living on the other side of the land a few metres away from the construction site, say they don’t want the same houses which have been built for other residents who are already the beneficiaries of the housing project.

Among the grievances of the expecting home owners are that the houses are too small for them. They want the construction company (Murray and Roberts), which has been given the mandate to build these houses, to go away accusing it of building small houses.

One of the shack dwellers who chose to be anonymous said that they can’t relocate where they live as they have been asked to do so for the construction to take place. The construction company promised to build houses that will be suitable for them and their families.

“We don’t want this company. We really don’t because we feel that it’s not helpful for us as the people who have been living in the shacks for more than 20 years. This is an insult for people who have been on the waiting list for many years waiting for houses. Until they remove this company and bring the company that will build big houses for us, we are not going anywhere,” the angry shack dweller said.

Ward 36 councillor, Depoutch Elese said the negotiations are underway in order to come up with the solution to the problem. However, he stated that a solution cannot be reached as long as the residents who are opposed to the company are refusing to relocate. He also accused the opposing residents for inciting violence in the community.

Andile Mbanjwa


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