Nairobi- Vicious attack on innocent shoppers

What was supposed to be just a normal retail therapy day at the mall ended in a bloody tragedy. The world watched in terror and agony as video footage of Islamist militants storming Nairobi’s Westgate shopping centre, throwing grenades and firing viciously at shopper’s and staff, made breaking news.

There are claims that, Somali Islamist group al-Shabaab (meaning The Youth in Arabic) are allegedly responsible for the assault.

Sad…three little letters that sum up this attack. When did we as human beings become so vicious? Or do we simply carry out instruction irrespective of whether it’s right or wrong? Are we no longer able to distinguish between right and wrong?

If that is the case then we as human beings have lost tread of our existence.

Some might argue that we are, in a biblical context, living in the last days- where the world will soon be coming to an end. My response is “didn’t somebody say that about the year 2012? So that can’t be it.”

At present people from Britain; France; Peru; Canada; the Netherlands; India; Ghana; South Africa; China and Australia all share the same heartfelt agony. Their friends and relatives have either lost their lives in the attack or are trapped under rubble after 3 floors of the building collapsed following a blaze.

It was suppose to be just a normal day at the mall. However innocent shoppers, amongst them children, became victims of a gruesome attack. Cowards attack to say the least because the victims had no way of defending themselves. How could they?

Who goes to the mall with guns and explosives?

We as a people need to establish why we find it so easy to inflict pain on each other. Why are we so angry? Whom is this anger aimed at? I suggest we find these soul searching answers quickly because currently in Nairobi the mall is being cleared and the death toll is expected to rise.

Kaylynne Bantom


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