Slow death for RIPD

Based on a comic book written by Peter L. Lenkov, RIPD (Rest in Peace Department) is a comedy which stars quite an impressive cast.

Detective Nick Walker (Ryan Reynolds) suffers an early demise when his co-detective Bobby Hayes (Kevin Bacon) double-crosses him and kills him while on duty, sending Walker into the after-life… all because Hayes wants to get closer to the gold the two found while doing a drug bust.

But Walker’s cross-over is interrupted when he is transported to a sterile white environment and has to bargain for his life with Mildred Proctor (Mary- Louise Parker). Proctor explains to him that joining the RIPD could save him from a negative verdict call on Judgement day.

Afraid of the fiery pits of Hell, Walker agrees to save the world from ‘Deados’ (people who did not make a proper cross-over and returned to Earth as monstrous creatures in human bodies).

Walker meets his new partner in crime, Roy Pulsipher (Jeff Bridges), and they go on a mission to save the world from these ‘Deados’. But these two are not back on Earth as themselves. Walker appears to the rest of the world as an aged Chinese man (James Hong) and Pulsipher looks like a Russian female model (Marissa Miller).

The scenes that follow from here are a mixture of elaborately computerised scenes that looks like a mash-up between a cartoon and a 2D movie with inconsistent 3D scenes. A literal ‘skop, skiet and donner’ film plays out for the rest of the comic-book-based movie.

The comedy does however intermittently make up for the somewhat ill put-together scenes with awesome one-liners from start to finish.

Luckily I love humour and even though it took me a while to get stuck into this movie, its only saving grace was that of the adult-type jokes.

Chevonne Booysen


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