For many years they have filled our living rooms with fun and laughter. Now they have gone bigger and better; they are in cinema, with a movie. The hilarious family I am talking about is none other than Wors, Molly, Vaatjie and Blapsie.  The fabulous four stars in the movie called, Molly & Wors – Die Movie, a family comedy directed and produced by, Pieter and Willie Esterhuizen.

The movie is targeted at the Afrikaans audience. It is modern and is a typical example of post-World cup South Africa.

The movie is based on Wors; most of the events are about him. He is in the running to become “Salesman of the Year” at F1 fitment centre. He initially doesn’t win as fate has beiger things in store for him and he wins “Salesman of the Decade” as well as the Golden Battery trophy.  With that he also wins a trip to their new battery factory in Amsterdam, Holland- this is where all the drama begins.

The star studded film boasts big names in the local scene, such as Alvin Bruinders and Jai Parkash who play Wors’ best friends and Marga van Rooy who plays his mother. Ben Kruger as the CEO of the F1 Batteries.  Wim Beukes plays Vleis, the undercover police officer.

The film also has some highlights that include scenes that were shot in and around Amsterdam as well as Long Beach, California, USA. Some filming also took place in East London, Kempton Park, Pretoria and Johannesburg.

It is an unpretentious and fun filled film that promises to deliver entertainment from start to finish. The film was commissioned by kykNET and is in Afrikaans with English subtitles.

 Tamar Cloete


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