A Time Machine at the Alexander Bar and Café

At the centre of Cape Town in the ever so busy Strand Street lies an upscale, elegant establishment called Alexander Bar and Café. It was established by playwright, Nicholas Spagnoletti and software engineer, Edward van Kuik. Their professions are so influential in the eccentricity of the interior.

It’s a very nostalgic 1940’s inspired bar that allows customers to create conversation and interact with one another. In the fast, electric world we live in today, the idea of being transported to another time or era is extremely tranquilising.

That old world, vintage vibe would sure wake German-born American actress and singer Marlene Dietrich, from the dead to enjoy her Merlot. This is a very smart way to attract a mixed crowd, locals and tourists.

It’s absolutely the most fabulous place for a rendezvous or dinner with friends. This Bar and Café has an incredible advantage because upstairs it has a fully equipped theatre which allows intimate performances, either plays or comedy shows, as well as music performances. Which other bar and café in South Africa does that? I’ve yet to see another one.

The bar area is quite reminiscent to a 1920s feel, serving the most fantastic champagne, cocktails and affordable French imported wines as well as South African wines too. The food they offer is divine. They offer very light meals like smoked trout and curried chicken among others.

It would be absolutely worthwhile after a crazy day at work to get away from the pressures of life and escape to another world…An old world.

Sibusiso Mkize


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