An “easy on the pocket” tour of Cape Town.

South Africa’s second most popular city, after Johannesburg, is renowned for its
beautiful sites, friendly people and great food. While Cape Town encompasses all
these, the nicest thing about the city is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money
to explore its beauty.
Everyone dreams of watching the sunrise on a tranquil beach somewhere, oblivious
to every curveball life throws at us on a daily basis. If one feels like escaping life and
having peace of mind, Camps Bay can be the most ideal place to do so.
People of all races and nationalities can be seen having a blast at this beach every
day. Its majestic atmosphere attracts people from all corners of the earth.
Getting back to reality, one can always take a taxi to Cape Town’s CBD to see the
hustle and grind the city has to offer. But if that’s all too much, a hike up Lion’s
Head can be one of the most relaxing things you could do.

Above, a bird’s eye view of Cape Town. Source:

Above, a bird’s eye view of Cape Town. Source:

Once you’ve reached the summit, it’s always ideal to just look down and admire the
beautiful scenery Cape Town has to offer.
Once your sight-seeing is done, the hike back down can be challenging but
enjoyable. This helps give you a workout and can be calming.
Once you’ve reached the heart of Cape Town, it’s always ideal to experience the
Long Street night life. This street is known for its endless clubs and it hosts
thousands of fun-loving party animals that enjoy the occasional night out.
At the end of the night, you’ll find people chilling under the moonlight in Camps Bay.
This is where beautiful city lights enrich the atmosphere of a day well spent, which
is absolutely free.

Samora Magwa


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