Brazil 2014 now certain

The 2014 World Cup  will be the 20th FIFA World Cup, an international football tournament, that is scheduled to take place in Brazil from 12 June to 13 July were nations will battle it out for footballs most coveted cup.

Being the host nation, Brazil automatically qualifies. The list has grown as other as other countries succeeded in their qualification final round clashes that occurred earlier this week. Soccer devotees might have a brief overview of what the Brazil 2014 might look like.

The appearance of countries such as Argentina, Italy, and England – to mention but a few, promises a mouth-watering tournament.  The Belgian national team, dubbed the ‘underdogs’ secured their place in Brazil while leading group A with 26 points followed by Croatia with 17 points.

Some European teams are in a panic mode as they proceed to the play-offs, France, Portugal, Croatia and Sweden set for play-offs.

In Africa, the battle is very tightly contested as teams are left with the final legs, Ghana thrashed Egypt by six goals to one in Accra. Will the Egyptian side be able to overturn such an enormous defeat? The reigning African champions humiliated the overzealous Ethiopia in Addis Ababa and it’s going to be an uphill battle for Morocco to defeat the Super Eagles of Nigeria.Burkina Faso claimed a controversial win against the Desert Fox of Algeria in Ouagadougou after it was awarded a late unclear penalty. Despite being awarded two penalties, Burkina Faso narrowly lost the match. The World Cup is a serious tournament that requires the best from the continent, therefore the clash of these teams will decide Africa’s representative.

Australia and Japan have successfully secured their spot in Brazil 2014. Moreover, countries such as South Korea and Iran also registered their names on the list. Iraq’s victory over Jordan put China’s qualification out of reach.

More action on the road to Brazil is to unfold as the teams that secured the second position are to be seeded for playoffs which would decide their fate.

Mischek Makora


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