Comedian embraces diversity

Marc Lottering rocks Stellenbosch. Source:

Marc Lottering rocks Stellenbosch. Source:

Fame and fortune, isn’t that what most people are chasing? I, on the contrary, would stand back and watch how everyone would flock and chase for an identity in this plastic world. I came to this realisation after attending Marc Lottering’s visit during the Diversity week in Stellenbosch. There were a couple of other acts, but Marc’s appearance stood out.

A vast group of enthusiastic students and young residents of Stellenbosch arrived on the Rooiplein (the centre of Stellenbosch University) to witness the big hared comedian in person, since Marc is an influential figure for the youth. Red noses were to be seen everywhere in the shivery weather, but everyone kept quiet and waited patiently for the well-known comedian.

With a bang he entered the stage and received a huge round of applause. Warm smiles and a vibrant atmosphere were set once he started with an opening joke of Wrecking ball singer Miley Cyrus.

“Miley’s twerking looks more [like] an act of constipation!” He said with one arm on his hip and a humoristic face. With all the laughter that was seen at the event, he made a point to keep the audience hanging on his lips. He continued with his quirky jokes, but at some point he turned the table with reality.

Who would ever thought this funny guy can also be this wise. “Dedication, determination and being real are from utter importance in our current life. Your goal can only be achieved if you keep the main thing the main thing,” Marc said. Suddenly, it struck me how important it is to be yourself at all times.

Our world is so artificial that it can keep us away from achieving our goals. Marc’s visit was the perfect way to remind ourselves to be unique. It was an indication to stand out and embrace diversity. Inspiration was felt through this comedian. It was sure a ‘lekke’ evening, as Marc would say.

Myron Weyers


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