Holi One Colour Fest rocks Cape Town

Picture by Malcolm Johnson

Picture by Malcolm Johnson

The Holi One Colour Festival took place this past Saturday the 12 October, with hundreds turning up to join in on the celebration of music and powder-paint throwing.

The Cape Town leg of the Holi One festival, one of the largest festivals in India – originating from Hindu culture where the arrival of spring is commemorated – kicked off at 12pm at the Sahara Park stadium in Newlands.

Mainly clad in white, some wearing fairy wings and overalls, the long lines of attendees descended upon the open field ready to make the best of the festival despite gloomy weather.

Host and singer Black Soda got the crowd excited with the countdown to the hourly throwing of powder paint (which is environmentally sound, nontoxic and allergen free). These could be bought on the field. As the crowd counted down to one, masses of colour paints were thrown into the air, engulfing everyone in the vicinity.

As the day progressed, the stadium became more packed and the atmosphere picked up. People ran around throwing paint at each other and sitting on whatever free space was available on the field. The partygoers enjoyed the food on sale, although the options were limited to: hotdogs, burgers, hot chips and fried foods which were quite pricey. Snacks were also costly as well as alcohol which was served at the over 18 event. This was restricted to beer, Reds and Brutal Fruit.

The on and off rain didn’t put a damper on the event as it seemed to charge the crowd. They danced in the pouring rain to the house, electro, dubstep and trance beats.

5fm DJ Roger Goode had the crowd screaming. His outlandish persona and music set kicked the festival into high gear. DJ act, Pascal and Pearce had the crowd jumping with their world-class brand of music. While twin-brothers, Locnville performed their latest tracks, including the hits Desperado and Closer, and showed off their new and developing electro/dubstep sound.

Mi casa, billed to perform, disappointingly did not show.  They weren’t missed as the other acts and overall atmosphere lifted the festival to unforgettable heights. By the early closing time of 8pm, the crowd was left shouting, “we want more”.

The event, held in over 30 cities across the globe, bringing together anyone who wants to participate, will be eagerly anticipated to return to the Mother city.

Lisa Isaacs


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