Mother Nature and It’s beautiful Offspring Cape Town

About 15 kilometres south of Cape Town, an upright Chapmans Peak stands for all to experience its beauty. The western flank of the mountain falls sharply for hundreds of metres into the Atlantic Ocean as a spectacular road, known as Chapman’s Peak Drive. It hugs the near-vertical face of the mountain from Hout Bay to Noordhoek, which is sure a great way to end your week after a hectic week. Whether you prefer to walk, cycle, skateboard or drive through the coastal roads of Cape Town, this 5km toll road is a sight to be marveled at for its picturesque mountains and it’s spectacular sights.

On your journey though, there are a few stops to be admired what mother-nature has birthed herself. As you drive west of Cape Town, along the coastline from the Waterfront, you will notice a change in atmosphere, a feeling of openness and joviality. Freedom will etch into the crevices of your heart as you duck and dive along the winding road to Cape Point. You are bound to come across game reserves, cyclists, joggers, skaters and one or two close relatives to the human race, the baboons(as they share 99% of their gene’s with us humans) according to the ‘Science Now’ online magazine. Do not fret nor be afraid of the banana eating mammals, as South Africa host one of the largest population of baboons in Africa, after the extinction of other varieties across Africa.

As you take in the majestic views after a long day of sightseeing in the Cape there are many activities to partake in after a beautiful journey, like indulging in fine conversation and taking pictures. A trip down the en-route to Hout Bay is sure a great way to experience fine dining South African style. The Hout Bay Manor is one place to host a beautiful candle lit dinner, enjoy great company, good wine and a nightcap if you want to spend the night in luxury as it is not only a restaurant but a hotel too.

Siyamthanda Mchiza


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