Stop. Collaborate and listen.

Musician performs at jam that session event.  Source:

Caption: Musician performs at jam that session event.

If you’ve ever found yourself in Loop Street on a random Sunday and you happen to stop in front of a place called Ragazzi because of the deep captivating words spoken into the microphone or a group of people going absolutely buck on stage, then you have stopped a Jam That Session. If you were drawn in by a crowd either head-bobbing in unison or melodically swaying, snapping their fingers and thought to yourself “I want in”, then you have stopped at a Jam That Session.

Curiosity will definitely take you there and what you will find at each and every Jam That Session are creatives from all spheres, passionate about this culture and even more so about what they bring to it.

The Jam That organising team is made up of five people, all of them aspiring to leave their mark on the local hip hop scene. The initial idea of Jam That was conceived by Andy Mkosi and Obie Mavuso who are both artists themselves. They became frustrated, as many young artists out there today, that there are too few opportunities for emerging artists. They then teamed up with Bra Daki, Sam Lehoko and Mawetu Matyila to bring about the resurgence of true hip hop culture.

Jam That Session not only serves as a platform for artists to exhibit their skills but also facilitates networking amongs those actively and inactively involved in the hip hop community.

The event is usually divided into two genres: poetry and rapping.

The rappers that perform generate a raw, unrefined and rugged excitement from the crowd. The dj’s add to this energy with track lists that hit you with the boom-bap sound from back then to the bangers of right now.

However, from the head-bobbing, arm-pumping, high energy scenes, it is amazing to see how easily the audience can be steered to the smooth acoustic sounds of the poetry on offer with the same amount of interest and passion. If there was any criteria for attending a Jam That Session it would simply be love. Love for hip hop, love for others and love for art.

“When we say ‘artists’ we don’t narrow it down to: ‘rapper’, ‘singer’ or ‘poet’. We actually mean any type of artist be it graphic designer, photographer etc. The start of it all, which we found would be doable, was live acts – the music part of the arts.”

The Jam That Session stage has so far been graced by the talents of various artists such as Native Refugee, Siyabonga Njica, Deigh poetic, Supreme Soul, The Fam, and Mongz Baritone,to name a few.

“We are so grateful to have worked with such awesome individuals. The support we have been getting from the public in general is overwhelming.  We have to emphasize that there is no Jam That Session without the support of the masses.”

Jam That Session celebrated their one-year anniversary this past Sunday at The Rooftop in Loop street.

“With all of that being said Jam That Session stands for UNITY, we want to work with people from all walks of life, Jam That Session is about embracing ART.”

Christopher Swartz


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