The Admiral’s Buffet has a new taste

Situated at Mossel Bay is the newly renovated, ‘Admirals Buffet’ restaurant and Casino. The beautiful venue teases the eyes with an array of brightly coloured windows. Their eloquent seating arrangement adds to the allure and boasts a balcony with a stunning view.

The menu ranges between a variety of good food, drinks and desserts.

The buffet is lined with your hot and cold home-style meals that would be enjoyed on a Sunday afternoon surrounded by your family. The centre counter is decked with fresh greens and salads that you can either design from scratch or just dish from the ready-made ones.

My visit to the Admirals Buffet was an enjoyable experience I shared with my family. There was no background music however- that put me off a bit because I enjoy a little background music when I visit a restaurant.

The vibe was very casual, not stiff at all; it isn’t rowdy but you can hear the people chatting away and enjoying their meals with plenty of laughter in the background.

The variety of food was vast as it had rice, meat, potatoes and all your vegetables that you can possibly think of. The food was kept warm at all times which a big plus.

There was also a variety of desserts, baked and normal cold dessert like jelly and custard. I had a waffle with blueberry ice-cream, it was delicious and fresh- they made the waffle right in front of me, it was great.

The staff was on top of their game not always around or irritating but in sight and ready when you needed them.

The buffet is open every Sunday with meals at R125 per person, during the day and in the evening the buffet will cost you R95. Children will be treated to a meal of their choice at just R60.

Tamar Cloete


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