Tomorrowland 2013

The beauty, mystique and appeal lies within its location in Belgium’s 2013
Tomorrowland. Photo: Wade Davis

It was a humid summer’s day in July. I was stuck on a train from Antwerp, Belgium, to Boom. I was irritated, miserable and damp. The train was as full as law would allow it to be, and every body stuck to each other like flies on a fly trap.Tomorrowland had better live up to all the pre-festival hype.
As the train came to a halt in Boom in the town where Tomorrowland would be staged, all the irritation and sweat suddenly became bearable. I got out of the train
and walked straight onto a wooden walkway, a rainbow over my head that read: “Welcome to Tommorrowland.” I was living the dream.
When we got to our cabin, where we were greeted by the friendliest people. The lady at reception gave us the key to our cabin, a bottle of Moët and Chandon champagne and we were off. At the cabin, our neighbors greeted us: two from Belgium, two from England, one Aussie and one Kiwi.
Right there I knew that I was at the exact place I wanted to be. The eight of us had an instant connection. We bonded over a couple of drinks and were off to the first night of the festival, better known as the ‘Gathering”- exclusive to the people that stay on the festival grounds.
It was exhilarating; my heart was pumping out of my chest. Everything came together as if it were a fairytale. The weather, the music, the people, and the décor radiated pure perfection.
The main stage was a massive sun with enormous eyes glaring over the inhabitants of Dreamville (the festival camping grounds). I thought the atmosphere had peaked, but as soon Yves V came on to the stage, I thought it was going to erupt. 80 000 people screaming and jumping. After Yves V it was Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike on
the Stage. They performed only for a brief demo as they were the main act on the Friday (the next day).
The next morning it still felt surreal. I got up; met up with my new friends and the day began. This time we went to the main stage of Tomorrowland. Throughout the day it was minor acts compared to what came that evening. We kick-started the night with my favorite DJ: Hardwell, followed by Tiësto, and Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. During the closing act of the night, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike performed the world’s largest sit down. 180 000 people sat silently on their haunches, waiting for the beat to kick in, and when it did, oh, Boy. We were in for a treat. 180 000 people jumped in the air as one living, breathing organism, and it was strobe lights, smoke
machines, glow sticks and lumo paint. The place just became a madhouse.The next two nights were all on par with that of the first two nights. The friends I made there I consider family because we shared the best experience of our lives. Not a day goes by that I do not think of Tomorrowland. See you soon, TomorrowWorld 2015 South Africa.Jason Moller


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